Don’t have a building named after you? Or get invited to charity galas? We don’t either (thank goodness). We’re a vibrant movement of real-world philanthropists, supporting humanity’s urgent causes, using our own talents.

Your talents. Your Cause. Once a year.

Turn your talents into a simple fundraiser for a cause you care about, once a year. The Talent Pledge is different than most philanthropic movements. It's not about writing a check. It's about rolling up your sleeves and doing something you enjoy to support a cause you care about. Sign up now. Then create your fundraiser when the time’s right for you.

BYO cause or choose one of ours.

We curate amazing causes and find innovative, high-impact nonprofits for you to support. But feel free to bring your own. Our platform allows you to fundraise for any U.S.-registered charity. You can choose your cause here. Interested in how we select nonprofits? This article explains.

Don't have talents? Bull honky.

A talent is something you enjoy doing, something that energizes you. For some people it's playing Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2. For most of us, our talents lie in our everyday activities. Do you enjoy bringing people together? Talent. Do you make a killer batch of chili? Talent. Do you laugh a lot? Talent. Your talents are a fundraiser waiting to happen. Here are 202 ideas to get your juices flowing.

Get your personalized impact report.

See the difference your talents are making around the world. When you sign up for The Talent Pledge, you'll get a personalized impact report---a year-on-year record of your humanitarian work. Add it to your journal. Share it with your friends. Put it in your next job application.